“O Immaculata… use all that I am and have without reserve wholly to accomplish what was said of you: ‘She will crush your head,’ and, ‘You alone have destroyed all the heresies in the whole world’ On the statues and pictures of the Immaculata we always see the serpent at her feet, surrounding the globe of the earth, as she crushes the head of the serpent. Satan, soiled by sin, endeavors to soil all souls on earth. He hates her who was always unspotted. He waits for her heel in the persons of her children; she crushes his head in the fight in the person of everyone who has recourse to her. We ask her to use us if she wishes, as an instrument to crush the head of the proud serpent in unfortunate souls. Holy Scripture adds, quoting the verse mentioned above, And you shall lie in wait for her heel. The evil spirit really lies in wait in a special way for those who dedicate themselves to the Immaculata; he desires to insult her at least in them. His endeavour against sincerely dedicated souls always ends with his more shameful defeat, hence his fury is more violent, impotently furious. The words, You alone have destroyed all heresies in the world, are taken from the prayers* which the Church orders her priests to say about her. The Church says ‘heresies’ and not the heretics, whom she loves, and because of this love desires to free them from the error of heresy. The Church says ‘all,’ without any exception; ‘alone,’ since ‘she’ alone suffices. God is hers with all the treasures of grace for the conversion and sanctification of souls. No corner of the earth is excluded in the whole world… we beg her to use us to destroy the whole serpent coiled about the earth, the serpent representing the various heresies.” – St. Maximilian Kolbe

*The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which can be purchased or used online. Plus, an interesting article on how Our Lady might be assisted in said task.