Including disasterous lunch coming up, because apparently if you make the dough for gnocchi (they’re not posh foreign food in Polish)  in advance they dissolve when you try and cook them. Oh well. I’ll go and buy some couscous (not for its pretentious Guardian-reader-food properties, but its instantness – can’t feed my great-aunt instant noodles) just in case.

In ze meantime. I was going to share a stonking quote from Pinckaers’ Sources of Christian Ethics [no doubt available from St Mungo Books, Parson Street Glasgow, tel. Glasgow 552 5523, gmail@ mungoshop], which book rocks, but of course I cannot now find it (the quote, not the book)(though I did think I had left the book somewhere on Tuesday)(as I did a bag of groceries yesterday)(and my Lenten reading last week). And too much to do to write up either the next step of justification/sanctification discussion with Cath, who is now busy clasting icons on her blog, or my amused impressions now I have reflected on He’s Just Not That Into You and The Rules. So instead you can all admire the LOL Pius X in the side bar, courtesty of For Keats’ Sake, and then switch off your computer sets and go and do something less boring instead.