July 2008

Yes, the Laodiceans have been sadly remiss in posting lately. Aelianus, it is true, has entertained us with links to just a little bit less than three hours of very educational television broadcasts two days ago. As apparently there are still people looking for new posts at this site everyday and their hope should be rewarded I would write a terribly insightful and witty post, if only I could come up with one.

The summit of intellectual and spritiual occupation for me in the moment is finally having picked up enough courage to resume reading Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange’s “Predestination” which made it to place three on my Top Five List Of Scary Scriptural Reading some time ago. Once one has got over the fact that one has been a kind of Semipelagian for years, it is very interesting (and very sobering) to read. But no good subject for blog posts, I find.

Enother pursuit of mine ranges somewhere on the opposite extreme of the intelectuality scale: I am marking undergraduate exams. As nearly any situation in (scientists’) PhD live, the whole thing is neatly summed up by PhD Comics:

One is oscillating between pity, fury, despair, and, to be honest, laughing heavily. Most jokes, I fear, would be lost on non-agricultural readers. Save, maybe, that the English were claimed to have invented grassland in the 17th and 18th century. And the spelling! It was even more atrocious than my English spelling usually is, so any increase in mistakes here must be attributed to the contagious nature of the misspelling I have been exposed to lately. (And indulging in sarcastic remarks about poor students ought to be on my list for next confession, I fear.)

But now: No more marking. Once again, Land of Hope and Glory, here I come (to the Evangelium Conference, of course!), after having spent two weeks in beautiful Scotland. Hurray!




Aelianus is going away for a wee bit, berenike is going away for ages, and Notburga has disappeared somewhere, if anyone has seen her please leave a comment, her friends would like to know that she is well.

Well,sort of.

The Transalpine Redemptorists are kosher!

See their blog.

1 July, 2008
Feast of the Precious Blood

My dear friends,

I am happy to inform you that last June 18th, before Cardinal Castrillon and the members of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei in Rome, I humbly petitioned the Holy See on my own behalf and on behalf of the monastery council for our priestly suspensions to be lifted.

On June 26th I received word that the Holy See had granted our petition. All canonical censures have been lifted.

Hooray! Te Deum and Non nobis!