must have been a vigil of Tuesday. Never mind! I have been recently supplied with the following: Laphroaig (10-y-o), item, one piece of extremely grown-up Stilton, item, one packet of oatcakes, item,  one box of Lapsang Souchong, item, one pack of almost Scotch broth mix (wasn’t clear enough in phone conversation with progenitor as he stood in a Central Belt Tesco’s dried peas aisle).  Oh yes. Now just need to make arrangements with J. from this site, and we can have a loooong and pleasantly glowing chat about anything and everything. She talks more than I do, a rare distinction 🙂 Oh the joy of looooooooong conversations! Today I missed a lecture, and that the only one of any relevance at all to my (still existentially expressing finite potency) thesis, because Aged Ancestor and I began chatting over our post-prandial tea about the possible reason for the late veridity of the poplar across the road and ended up on the identity of the Evangelists. I have these comprehensive exams in church history and fundamental theology two or three or four times a week; fortunately the questions are  usually recycled, but it makes it all the more obvious that the answers sought are not those the questions require.

This is turning into a diary blog, innit? must pull socks up.