Finished watching Bridget Jones II with gran and a dollop of Laphroaig. Film is definitely crap. Gran says her nice boyfriend she chucked for my grandad was a Mr Darcy/High Grant type. Grandad definitely had some Hugh-Grant-like characteristics. We comment on the quantity of flesh and debauchery in the film, and the complete lack of eroticism. Go to check Facebook. Coo and giggle and smile over piccies of the Catholic blogosphere’s latest item. Check gmail. Find email from young lady Dr Adjunkt of the metaphysics section of the philosophy faculty. “Hum.: I think. “How strange.  I wonder what this is about. Is there some problem with my not going to the seminar this year? Perhaps something has happened to the creaky adorable ancient professor?”

Er. No.

“Love the man who tells you you are beautiful, not the one who calls you sexy.”


I think someone pressed the return button on the wrong address 🙂