I am not going to pay to be able to upload music to this blog, so you will have to do some clicking. I fell in love with this piece at the age of about fourteen, in a gloriously misty recording by, I think, King’s Cambridge, and have never fallen out of love with it. I drilled a choir of whom only half could read music into singing this.

Unknown singers, rather too slow for my liking. HERE Actually the speed is growing on me.

The Sixteen/Harry Christophers. HERE. A little too quick for my liking. You need to go down a bit to the second little sound player on the page, and click the relevant composer.

Some French people – but you have to listen to the whole thing, I couldn’t find a way to go straight to the part in question.

A lovely page to get to know better this most wonderful of composers, though you have to pay if you want to listen to more than long incipits.

Update April 2012: all those links is dead. Some new ones, all youtube:

Tallis Scholars

The Sixteen, one on a part

Christ Church, Oxford, wiv notes