seven things I like, and tag seven people. Do seven people still read this blog? To avoid spending hours agonising over my choice, I am going for what Martin has called “second order things”, and not worrying about picking the Absolute Top Seven.

1. Beer and dry roasted peanuts – or crisps, at une pinch.

2. Bach. Byrd, Carver. Alain.

3. Dostojevsky (he really didn’t like Poles. With a good Russian name like that, can you blame him?). Undset, Aquinas, Gilson, Gilbert (Keith), Richard Southern.

4. Beef. Oh yes. Raw. Ach! Smoked sausage suppers (vinegar AND sauce, no salt), haggis, Wiener schnitzel, sour cherry soup.

5. Seraphic’s Light Prose (buy the books!). Mongolia.

6. Harry Potter fillums (wait! The new one is out in the UK! JOY!)

7. The telephone, trains. My bicycle. (I still wish I’d gone in for eventing, though).

I tag, um, Notburga, CathSeraphic, Joe, Madame E.Bond,  and Tepidus and Aumgn (they don’t blog, so they count as half each, no?) I think the original wotsit said “7 things you love”, but make of it what you will.