I think I’m rediscovering my inner muso. Here’s a blog by An Concert Pianist, which I found through the blog of A Former Opera Singer. I creased up on reading this:

10:12. Spectacularly beautiful rendering of Schubert A major Rondo. I go backstage and wander about. It is a zoo, a cocktail of craziness and schmooziness. I tell Andras Schiff how much I enjoyed his Bach, and he says … get this … “I enjoyed your Sarah Palin blog.”

There was a magnificent Hungarian emphasis on the word blog, and his eyes widened a bit, as if he were surprised to find himself saying that word. I consider this to be the existential climax of the whole, strange evening, I’m speechless, I have no idea how to react to the idea that Andras Schiff read the Sarah Palin blog, and my life may never be the same. Is there a world where Andras Schiff says the word “blog”? There is, and we’re living in it.

There’s also a very funny spoof here.

[edited to add: Schiff belongs  (i.e. I went to some of his concerts) to a past life of mine, W. B. B. (Well Before Blogs)- which is why I identified so much with the sentiment of this post’s title 🙂 ]