Here is a little interview with the Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb. If anyone feels like translating more of it  for those with even less Frog than me …

“I’d been a catechist in the diocese of Tours for eighteen years when I met Veronique.” recalls Sr Line. This young girl with Down’s had been knocking desperately at the door of different congregations, without finding one that could receive her. “I had such a desire for Jesus” concurs Veronique. “I couldn’t do anything else!” “This desire was an appeal, it touched me” continues the prioress.

And here’s an older one, from 1997.

Here’s an article on a Franciscan community for men with Down’s syndrome. One chap recounts:

We had as a guest Sylvie, a young girl addicted to drugs, who didn’t want to leave us. The day of her departure, she cried, and Martial, a young man on the way to joining the community, said to her “Sylvie, I love you, I give you all the strength of my confirmation.” … Three months later, Sylvie phoned us “I’ve given up the drugs. I can’t betray my friends from Nazareth [the community in question – b.I.].” And this girl was had been violently angry with her father began an whole process of reconciliation with him.”


“I give you all the strength of my confirmation”.

Edited Dec 2010 to add: See this article. Looks like this Franciscan–flavoured thing had to be closed down for unfortunate reasons, but the men with Downs themselves have found another place to pursue the religious life, with the Benedictines of Notre Dame d’Esperance (a congregation issuing from Solesmes).