Here he is arguing for the lowering of the age of consent to 14. Presumably he was out at Westminster Cathedral yesterday protesting that The Church wasn’t defending the right of adult men to have sexual relationships with teenage boys. [added: “protesting about the fact that”, not “protesting that”, is what I meant.]

I can see what Madame E. is pissed off by, and I am with that Canadian chap whose blog I can’t recall when he said “what I don’t understand is how the Irish bishops came out of that meeting [the ad limina] alive”. But I don’t see much desire to get to the truth when someone publishes something that half an hour of attentive googling would have shown was crap. If someone in my family were found to have been molesting children, and the publicity around the fact was taken up mostly with malicious smears against another member of the family, my PR efforts would be concerned with defending the latter. My PR efforts. I can’t do much to find out the truth of the various cases involved – all I know is what I find on the internet, put together with my own experience. I can do something to check the veracity of the news reports (and therefore, the reporters could have done the same, since I don’ t believe they don’t have google). I can’t individually help people who were molested, traumatised and abused – I don’t know of any, and  if I tracked some down I am not sure they would welcome contacts from random strangers saying “Hi, I’m sorry you were hurt by a Catholic and I’d like to make it up to you”. I can’t hunt down abusers or make informed complaints or rebukes to people who deliberately or not failed to do anything to prevent children being abused. I’ve got nothing profound to write about evil or ecclesial reform.

I can see inconsistencies and lies and smears in the press, and point them out. These smears and lies are just another  example of worshiping some idol of our own rather than the Truth, are just another refusal to live by the truth, the same refusal that leads to the covering-up of child abuse.