Lest the wrath of Aelianus descend upon me, who has given me this task long ago (and nothing but illness could have prevented me to accomplish it earlier), I will regale you with another morsel of diarification.

Indeed, Berenike and me have returned from our secret mission, having survived steep gorges, bare, forbidding mountains, pathless bogs, fierce beasts, and quite exceptional coldness and wetness: having also seen many a stunning and awe-inspiring sight, and experienced great kindliness from strangers: but all that is another story, and will not be told here and now.

After all this danger, excitement and austerity, however, we were most warmly welcomed by no-one less than Cath. We arrived, together with Aelianus, in her absolutely lovely flat, creating Instant Chaos © immediately with our rather impressive collection of huge bags and backpacks, occupying all comfy seats and plunging Cath into deep theological arguments on the spot. Nevertheless, when I tried to apologise for this infestation Cath most convincingly refuted the idea that we were anything like that. Her warm-hearted hospitality is all the more admirable, as she had to divide her attention between cooking us a delicious lamb stew and continuing the discussion on the sacrificial nature of the Mass with Aelianus at the same time. (And it is quite a challenge to cook while arguing with Aelianus, as I know from exasperating experience myself.)

After we all had eaten as much as we could (at least I did), the joys of the evening were still not over. The four of us repaired to a nearby café to meet up with – the McAmbroses. And thus we approach the solution of the mystery: the photograph documents the convention of the authors of no less than five eminent blogs: Cath of Nintysix and Ten (the orange juice in the back), Seraphic of Seraphic Goes to Scotland / Seraphic Singles (the famous gin and tonic), Benedict McAmbrose of the sadly discontinued Tremendous Trifles (the beer glass standing in the foreground – he had to do the photograph as a punishment for not amusing us with his writings anymore), and finally three Laodiceans: Berenike (tea), Aelianus (beer) and your’s truely (beer, too). Many thanks to Cath and the McAmbroses for coming at our mere cry, and once more to Cath for putting up with us in the first place!