No, it’s not that Spanish thing with chick peas.

DISH ONE: a clear soup to be served with very thin noodles (home made, if you can be bothered).


A super-cheap bit of beef

Chicken carcase (the bit left once the breast and legs and wings are taken off) (this is the cheap and slim option: the tastier one is a half or whole hen)

Carrots, leek(s), parsnip(s), celeriac

Onion(s), cut in half and blackened (on a dry frying pan or on the middle bit of gas burners)

black pepper (whole), allspice (whole), bay leaf(/ves)

(and noodles, obviously)

Chuck the meat and spices into a pot with some cold water, simmer for an hour or so. Add the veg. Simmer more, until the veg are soft but not soggy.

Done. Freeze what liquid you will not use in the next couple of days.  Cook the noodles separately, and make sure to salt them well, or they will make the soup taste bland. Add chopped fresh parsely or dill if in season.

(dish 1A – soups made on this stock: e.g. chuck in a jar of tomato puree = tomato soup)

DISH TWO: vegetable salad

Take additionally

boiled potatoes

boiled eggs

tinned peas (drained)

pickled mushrooms (optional)

cucumbers in brine (drained)



Cube finely the apples, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and some, if you like, of the celeriac. Mix with the peas and (finely chopped) mushrooms and mayonnaise.

DISH THREE: Omnium Gatherum Cutlet

Take additionally:

Cheddar or some such


Potatoes, cold pasta, anything else needing used up in the fridge (but nothing too watery)


chop up the leek(s), grate the cheese, chop up anything else you want to put in, mix with egg to bind it together, add breadcrumbs if still too wet, coat in breadcrumbs, fry.

DISH FOUR: Pierogi

Take additionally:

Flour, water, onions

Take the meat from the soup, pick it off the bones of the chicken and pick off fat and skin. Put it through the mincer. Chop and fry the onion(s), mix it all up and season. Make up a flour and water dough that you can roll out easily (you can add egg, but don’t use much or the dough will be hard when cooked). Roll it out, cut out circles, roll them out thinner again, put a dollop of the meat mixture in the middle of each on, sealing it up in a semicircle (use water to make the edges stick better). Throw the pierogi into boiling water in batches (let them float to the top, and give them a minute or three there). Serve with butter or dripping, or fry before serving.

The only thing that gets thrown out are the bones and fat from the meat, and the celeriac, or part of it.