I used to think that the croissant was invented to celebrate Lepanto and the cappuccino for Vienna but now I am assured they were both invented for Vienna. So it seems one can only celebrate having the Turks for breakfast in September. I’m off to a ‘Lepanto‘ recitation party tonight where I will have to make do with wine. The host is reading not reciting. I should really learn it off by heart. I have a friend in New Mexico who can do the full text from memory and puts great zeal into it. Does anyone know of any food or drink associated with Lepanto for future reference? I suppose there is this…. In fact I’ve always got on with Turks I’ve met. I remember a very sad conversation with a drunk Austrian in a bar ten years ago who had married his Turkish sweetheart but couldn’t get citizenship for her for love nor money. We must convert the Turks urgently. They would make great Catholics. I’m sure, if they could be persuaded that the conversion of the Hagia Sophia to a Latin Rite Cathedral would annoy the Greeks far more than it being left as a Mosque or a Museum, then they would be willing to accept baptism. God generally seems to prefer to save Christendom by converting the pagans than by delivering the decadent Christians in battle. I’m happy for the Turks to colonise Europe so long as they are fervent Catholics. I have only recently had opportunity to sample their fine kebabs which on reflection I prefer to the Moroccan variant. In 2003 I spent this feast in Brussels with my friend from New Mexico at a conference. When the talks were finished we tried to find a bar near to where we were staying in which to celebrate the victory but they were all Turkish. So in the end we gave in and celebrated in one of them.