To the outside world: Goddaughter’s daughter. Hooray!

To the church: Goddaughter II. Remembered how many bishops the mystics have seen in hell, and am worried about responsibility for another soul.

To my library:

Marksizm i jego krytycy Criticism of bourgoiouois (sp?) ideology and revisionism: Marxism and its critics. It is pink and was going for 2zł  at the KUL library clearance sale:  who could refuse?

 Meditations on the gospels of Lent, by the Rev. Feliks Gondek, parish priest in Krzyżanowice in the diocese of Tarnów. Kraków 1881. Am pleased to report this was more highly valued than the previous title, at 3zł.

Also tomes of Nietzsche, Aquinas, Aquinas studies, phenomenology, Thomism, St Margaret Mary Alacoque’s autobiography (bats), but not, to my now regret, a piece of lurid antisemitic propaganda in comic form that was in one of the boxes at the KUL sale.

 Georges Simenon, Maigret se fache. Leningrad, 1974. “Book to be read in the  faculties of foreign languages of pedagogical institutes (for French)”

From table outside parish bookshop.