The last episode of Doctor Who was not very good. It was the ‘mid-season finale’. Despite being set up rather well in advance and ending with an excellent twist (though I was rather hoping River Song would turn out to be Seraphic from the 2030s) it lacked tension and interest. However, the writing under Moffat has been vastly superior to that under Davies so I would be willing to forgive this were it not for the massive increase in propaganda. The BBC is obsessed with the promotion of  homosexuality. A few years ago I listened to Radio 4 from the Today Programme to the second installment of the Archers in the evening every other programme contained some reference (often many) to the wholesome and positive nature of homosexual relations. When you have been out of the country or abstained from television for a while the shamelessness of it all strikes you much more forcibly. This episode was outrageous in the obscene allusions and the attack on Christianity as anti-rational, sinister and coercive, a female AI Pope, the future reconciliation of the church to Gay marriage, and an order of warrior monks who amputate their heads in order to insure there can be no danger of reason obstructing their religious commitment. The most depressing thing is that the BBC must be so confident of the their position that they suppose attacks of such crudity will not cause them any difficulty. They are right of course. Come the great and glorious restoration Seraphic (having been pardoned for her disparaging remarks about Francis II) will be appointed the scriptwriter and all will be well.