The dangers of the the Culture of Death for the health of Catholics seem not to have been considered by many Catholics. I dearly hope that embryonic stem cells will not turn out to have therapeutic potential but there is no guarantee that they will not. If they do, as the supporters of this abomination are forever pointing out, the potential may be enormous. The consequences of this are clear. Many many alternative treatments and techniques will simply cease to be available. I don’t suppose they will even become prohibitively expensive as the Catholic hospitals of this country have been allowed to perish by the bishops or have (reputedly) been secularized and joined in with the culture of death. No one will offer the alternatives at any price. We desperately need an alternative health service but it is probably too late. I was discussing this grim prospect this over dinner with assorted Slavs. My next-door neighbour (Ruthenian), who is of a delicate constitution and is often falling ill, relies on eating vast amounts of garlic. He exhorted the company to imitate his example. The chef (Ukrainian) pointed out that this would be fitting as society would then be neatly divided into the people with the Garlic and the Crucifixes on one side and the Vampires on the other. I have often wondered whether subconscious recognition of this fact lies behind the huge increase in prominence of vampires in popular culture of the last years. People are preparing themselves to accept the role for themselves.