Rather a good post here from Thompson on the BBC campaign to legalise another form of murder. I’ve noticed the Dimblebys are particularly keen on this one. The pathetic veneer of objectivity in their debating programmes is all but discarded when it comes to the question of putting Grandad out of his misery. Are they waiting for some legacy? Have they amassed vast gambling debts? The real reason liberals are so mad on suicide and ‘assisted suicide’ is because they feel the latter’s illegality is an affront to the crass hedonism which is all that really passes for fundamental principle in their lives. Of course, the fact that this necessarily becomes coercive (because if its ok to kill yourself sometimes then it must be selfish or even gravely immoral not to do so sometimes) is ignored because if it were admitted they would have to come out as Nietzscheans and they are not ready for that yet. The Nietzschean stuff comes from the fact that they have absolutely no account of what would make something right or wrong at all. Their pieties are the product of narcissism and a total absence of self-knowledge. I think they hated Blair so much because he was an accurate mirror of their own diseased personae.  They are desperate not to look into that mirror because if they properly inquired into their own hedonism they would discover it is a recipe for misery not only for everyone else but for themselves as well. Those of us who cherish some sort of loyalty to western civilization have been pointing this out to the barbarians since at least 380 B.C. But it has been a loosing battle for the last few centuries. Someone told me yesterday the Classics department at Glasgow has been under threat recently. It is long gone in Aberdeen. How can anyone even contemplate closing a Classics department?! Why are undergraduate degrees even offered in subjects other than Classics? To abolish a Classics department is an utterly ideological and totalitarian act designed to eradicate all memory of the civilization we used to be so that the slide into barbarism is obscured. As with the BBC’s determination to legalise the killing of the old and the sick it is probably more of a sub-rational urge than a conspiracy. The memory of what we once were is troubling to those who wish to turn up the opium a little more every day until life just slips away from us both as individuals and as a culture. Those who object must be silenced. Why should we pay for this poison with a sales tax? Why should Catholics (and persons of residual sanity in general) be forced to fund the defamation of their religion and the corruption of their children? Let the BBC fend for itself in the market place then it can show all the pornography it likes without adopting the sicking self-righteous tone derived from its employees’ belief in the innate sanctity of the state and all its works.