It has to be admitted that – mostly through sloth – I do not avail myself as often as I might of the possibility to attend Mass in the Extraordinary Form. I do, however, try to do so at least once during the Octave of Pentecost, the abolition of which in the new calendar I rather resent. By this I feel justified in proclaiming that, whatever, I am still in Eastertide. (N.B.: Our temporal rulers having so far left us Monday after Pentecost as a national holiday, the Catholic Church in Germany is a bit in a quandary anyway, and generally does celebrate the second day of the Octave, though not the rest.)

Hence I went to the Fraternity of St. Peter’s Mass today, and got:

  • Mass said most beautifully by a newly ordained priest (ad Aelianum: He did not even succumb to the tendency to repeat Epistle or Gospel in German, or to have the congregation say ‘Domine non sum dignus…’ in German, as it is mostly done hereabouts!)
  • Pentecostal sequence, Gloria, Creed, lots of Alleluias when the OF would have been back to drab Ordinary Time
  • Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament
  • Absolution after Confession
  • Blessing by the newly ordained priest after Mass
  • Blessing of a statue and an icon of  Our Lady, a cross and a Rosary, some of which had been unblessed in my possession for years  (I tend to be shy to just step up to priests after Mass to have them bless things; moreover, though I mostly go to OF Masses, I always strive to have devotionals etc. blessed “the old way” , sacramentals being not ex opere operatum and all that.) I did not realize that there are separate blessings for cross, rosary and statues/images of Our Lady, nor that the fervour of the newly ordained would induce him to separately bless even the two items that might have been legitimately grouped. This was all the more commendable as it was hot, and the poor priest was sweating so much in his cassock + surplice in the stuffy vestry that drops were actually falling from his face. I stood by in mixed feelings of pity, guilt, amusement and edification.

I felt most elated on my way home, I have to say.