I hope the United Liberals of the Westminster Diocesan Bureaucracy have not been reading this blog. When I visited the Cathedral a while ago there was an outbreak of Catholic lay action against liturgical abuse. The three queues in front of the Extraordinary Ministers were quickly exhausted and the remaining laity resolutely refused to transfer from the one queue in front of the Priest to the lonely extraordinary ministers. I posted about this edifying display at the time. I returned the other day to see that the Cathedral authorities have developed new strategies to prevent the laity avoiding the extraordinary ministers. Two EMs now situate themselves in front of the first rank of chairs obstructing the approach to the Priest for anyone who is not sitting right at the front. You almost (but not quite) have to shove the EMs out of the way to avoid them. They have been using the same strategy at Aberdeen Cathedral for some years (though there they also have ‘ushers’ to try to stop any determined Catholics navigating the road blocks). The English bishops have also been working to prevent the faithful genuflecting before they receive communion. Genuflection is the exclusive sign of latria in the Roman Rite. Bowing on the other hand symbolises either that the person bowed to is owed only dulia or that the Divine Person reverenced is only signified and not really present. Fortunately the Holy See upholds the right of the faithful to ignore the Bishops Conference bowing rubric and kneel before their God. The bishops however have removed the possibility of substituting a genuflexion for the inappropriate bow. It is kneeling or bust.
O Jesus Christ remember
When Thou shalt come again
Upon the clouds of heaven
With all Thy shining train
When every eye shall see Thee
In Deity revealed
Who now upon this altar
In silence art concealed
Remember then O Saviour
I supplicate of Thee
That here I bowed before Thee
Upon my bended knee
That here I ow’d Thy presence
And did not Thee deny
And glorify Thy greatness
Though hid from human eye