Apparently Pius XII said this. Anyone know where? (I have done some halfhearted googling and found nothing. He did some “allocutions” to assorted women’s associations, or sumfing  – perhaps in there somewhere?)

I astound myself with my own private pre-emption (that is, before I know they said it) of the insights of the great and holy … but then am reminded of something a priest said in confession, as I said “yes, I know” (in an “I agree” sort of way, I thought, but have been pondering the matter ever since), which in PL is “wiem”. So he says “Do you know what you call a woman who knows (wie) everything?” I said “no” he said “A witch {wiedźma).

Anyway, I probably read it in Edith Stein years ago when someone gave me the womany lectures in Polish.