Fr Z has responded to someone’s question about the validity of Masses celebrated after the abolition of the old ICEL texts where the Priest deliberately still says ‘for all’ instead of ‘for many’ when consecrating the chalice. He thinks such consecrations will still be valid. As I may have mentioned, I think he may be wrong.  The problem isn’t the form but the intention. Prior to the new translation saying ‘for all’ merely manifested the intention to use a translation authorized by the Holy See. Even if the priest knew the translation was wrong it was not his decision to use the words but the Holy See’s decision to authorize them. After the new translation it might well manifest an intention to say something other than what Christ instituted and in defiance of the authority of the Holy See. This is particularly so if the priest knows that Christ said ‘for many’ and he knows why (because the fruits of redemption are not received by all) and the Priest wishes to say ‘for all’ because he denies this (he holds that the fruits of redemption are received by all) that disposition would seem to be incompatible with the intention to do what Christ commanded and so with the validity of the consecration.