Update (since no-one seem to be reading the follow-up post): Rome dément avoir reconnu l’abjuration d’un moine orthodoxe entré à la Fraternité Saint-Pie-X

In a letter of the 25th November 2011, Cardinal William Levada, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith,  recognized the repudiation of schism (abjuration) made by archimandrite Athenagoras Bogoridi-Liven. The Orthodox dignitary made the act on the first Sunday of Advent before bishop Bernard Fellay, the general superior of the SSPX, in the Benedictine abbey of Bellaigue (Auvergne). In his letter the cardinal prefect recognized the ecclesiastical dignity of Fr Bogoridi-Liven, naming him praelatus domesticus, a domestic prelate of His Holiness.

Monsignor Bogoridi-Liven is 38. He was born in Bulgaria, but his family have Greco-Russian roots (his paternal grandfather was of a Greek aristocratic family, and his grandmother came from the Russian aristocracy). On reaching the age of majority he entered a monastery on Mount Athos, but finally took holy orders in the Greek Orthodox Church and not long afterwards received the title of archimandrite. As a scholar he specialises in liturgy; he is a distinguished scholar not just of the eastern rites, but also of the Roman rite; at the Moscow Theological Academy he defended a doctoral thesis on the reforms of the latter. He knows several languages.

Monsignor Bogoridi-Liven is currently staying at the Benedictine monastery of Our Lady in Bellaiague, which is connected to the SSPX. He came there in August of last year, asking its prior, Dom Placide, to receive him into the bosom of the universal Church.  [Private source.]

news.FSSPX.pl, via a FB friend’s status. My translation.

Well, as the FB friend says, if this is true it is very nice (de-schisming) and very interesting (the Levada bit).