” The motion contains no definition of “pro-choice”; if it means simply
someone who accepts that abortion should be legal, most Catholics —
including the bishops of England and Wales, who advocate incremental
restrictions, but not yet a total ban — would fit that description.”

Amended post here.

A sidebar on the Catholic Voices blog shows a tweet saying ” We think the Blogger in question wrote that section in a hurry, and mis-typed. Thanks to those who pointed out the mistake! “.

Right. Mis-typed. Mis-typed my foot.

There are some great people doing the Catholic Voices slog on the ground, it seems. But the thing seems to be completely collaborationist at its core.    WHAT ON EARTH WAS THE WRITER THINKING? The only charitable explanation is that it was written by some PR specialist just beginning RCIA. But the cheery brush-this-under-the-carpet tweet seems so dishonest as well …