Stood all the way through Maundy Thursday Mass (thank you mr organist for growly pedal reeds and lots of mixtures in the Gloria!), stood all the way through the Good Friday liturgy (in heels, for about two hours) stood all the way through the Vigil (2 hrs 20 mins, approx, in heels), stood all the way through Easter Sunday Mass (about an hour), got to sit for Mass on Monday BUT spent most of the day on my feet (in heels) and then on the train back to Warsaw two Fat Conductors were sitting in the seats in the guard’s van and so I stood (in heels) all the way (ok, only about half an hour) to Warsaw with a humungous 12 kg back pack on, and having bike had to stand all the way in the metro too.

I am glad so many people go to the Triduum liturgies, but this year I think I will wear my extravagantly comfortable squishy walking boots with the added superergonometrical posh insoles.