I realise that is not news but this one (an attack on the Holy See for suggesting it would be nice if Catholic Sisters were Catholics) has the effrontery to feature an ‘illustrative’ picture of the zealous and holy Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal who not only have nothing to do with the wretched ‘Leadership Conference of Women Religious’ but were instrumental in the foundation of the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious which represents faithful Catholic Women Religious in the USA. They spend their days looking after the homeless and helping women in crisis pregnancies not offering raisin cakes to Asheroth and promoting lesbianism. Moreover the average age of the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal is probably under 30 while the average age of the neo-Pagan pseudo-sisters promoted by the Independent article is nearer 110. No doubt that is why the Independent thought they would make a nicer picture (plus of course the fact that they wear habits and so are identifiable as sisters in the first place).