Please God, the use of embryonic stem cells will never contribute to medical science. Nevertheless, it might. If it does then the medical systems of the West will become unusable to Catholics. State education systems are now corruption machines intended to spread the official ideology of nihilistic hedonism to children at as early an age as possible. The cradle-to-grave parental state is totally unsustainable the alternative will be euthanasia, mass immigration, islamicisation, liberal authoritarian reaction, chaos and then tyranny. It is increasingly illegal to express moral disapproval of sodomy which has become the quasi-sacramental expression of the new order of societal collective suicide.  Political parties are now PR agencies whose (very) residual ideological pretensions  are really a matter of branding. They all have a strong ideological basis but it is uniform and  identical and so invisible even to themselves. There is no possibility of a faithful Catholic working through them. Catholics are too scattered and too unfaithful to provide an alternative electoral base. The political system cannot be salvaged.

The structures of the Church in most Western countries have become cancerous. They are dominated by apostates (including bishops) who remain within them for cultural reasons. The theological academies are dominated by adherents of the New-Theological revolutionaries of the fifties and sixties. These are divided between conservatives and liberals but their mutual hatred is as nothing to their united will to resist any resurgence of scholasticism. Thus, they obstruct the restoration of coherence to the communication of the faith so badly undermined by the ambiguities of the conciliar texts. The Church’s primary and secondary schools generate lapsation. The now defunct adoption and fostering agencies were already placing children with homosexuals. The seminaries produce ignorant and immoral clericalists. The clergy preach platitude and heresy (Nestorianism and cheap Pelagianism). If the clergy were inclined to preach the Catholic faith they could not. They do not know it. The Declaration on Religious Liberty of the Second Vatican Council as a political act (if not as a text) has muted the magisterium for if the Hierarchy were to enforce Catholic orthodoxy with the ban of excommunication then Dignitatis Humanae would become a dead letter.

Faithful Catholics must extract themselves from the world. They must create their own medical systems, they must create their own educational structures (and first of all have recourse to the family). Lay Catholics and observant religious must do this themselves. They cannot make use of the now poisoned structures created by their great grandparents and wrecked by their parents and grandparents. They must extract themselves from the dying non-Divine Law structures of the ecclesiastical bureaucracy. The Roman Curia is bloated with pointless agencies with no magisterial authority issuing documents with no binding force. In some cases these entities nestle so close to the magisterium that great scandal is caused (most notably the PBC and the ITC).  Papal documents are pointlessly long and rambling. A single list of condemned propositions would do far more good than dozens of book-length encyclicals.

One great problem of contemporary Catholicism is the mode of its presence in the world. In times past Catholics took on the culture of their surroundings purifying it of the elements incompatible with natural and divine law. This is no longer possible. Contemporary culture is corruption. Furthermore, contemporary culture is becoming rapidly homogenized and the technological forces behind this cannot be resisted. Catholics must become an alternative culture. Certainly they may seek to preserve elements of the former cultures of their homelands destroyed by nihilistic hedonism but they must forge a unified series of norms for education, courtship, marriage, health, vocational discernment, even education and employment. In a way they must become universal Jews or be destroyed. After all, universal Judaism was rather what the Church was always supposed to be.

The novel liturgies of the twentieth century must simply be abandoned. The centralized appointment of bishops is a disaster because it means that the problems of the curia are replicated across the globe. But the problems of  each local church are themselves so serious that local election by canons could hardly improve matters. The faithful cannot look to the clergy as a class or the hierarchy as a structure to save them from the downfall of Babylon the Great. Observant religious under ancient rules (not novel communities with doubtful charisms) and the family strengthened and autonomous must form the main elements in the construction of the Ark. The roof will have to come from the clergy but it will be built last when persecution has purified the priesthood of the hired men who now fill the bulk of its ranks. The clouds are gathering, the storm is coming.