The BBC website is leading on the fact that Cardinal Carlo Martini gave an interview just before he died saying that the Church should get with the world and think a bit more (or a lot more) like the world. Wow! And… further shock…. lots of lapsed and liberal ‘Catholics’ agree with him. Errr even from an intra-Catholic perspective this isn’t news. How on earth does it end up as the lead story on the BBC website? The question is rhetorical of course. The world hates the Church because the Church is not of the world just as the world hated Jesus because He is not of the world. The world realises  that the Church wishes to lead as many of the subjects of the world out of this world as she can before it is destroyed and that she does this through the Gospel and the Sacraments which perpetuate the power of the Cross.  St Paul tells us that he did not preach the Gospel with persuasive words of worldly wisdom lest the Cross of Christ be emptied of its power. The world realises that the easiest way to frustrate the work of the Church and of Christ is to convince her children to embrace the wisdom of the world and preach that wisdom instead of the Gospel. They were rather hoping that a future Pope Martini would make this the official policy of the Holy See. He lost, and now they weep over his tomb.  He who marries the spirit of the age is soon widowed.