I am not sure what to think about the failed introduction of women ‘bishops’ by the ‘General Synod’. A student announced it to me  the morning after as a wonderful event. My first reaction was to reject this interpretation. I am generally of the view that the more intense the Gadarene enthusiasm of the Anglicans the better. This best exposes the absurdity of the entire institution to its inmates.

I find that most ordinary Englishmen are quite unperturbedly conscious of of the absurdity of the ‘Church’ of England. It is generally assumed (quite correctly) that it is designed to be absurd. Adherence to the ‘Church’ of England is a way of saying ‘I think it is good for a society to have a religion but one shouldn’t take it too seriously or allow it to get in the way of the good things in life’. It has to be absurd in order to allow its adherents to affirm through their membership of the ‘church’ the  unimportance of truth in their religious choices.

St Augustine teaches us “two cities have been formed by two loves: the earthly by the love of self, even to the contempt of God; the heavenly by the love of God, even to the contempt of self.” Just as the Catholic Church is the gateway to the City of God on this earth so the ‘Church’ of England is the Englishman’s way of expressing the love of self even to the contempt of God. It is important that it is ‘to the point of…’. So long as God does not obstruct more important concerns a good Anglican has no intention of directly expressing or acting upon his contempt for God. By adhering to the ‘Church’ of England he gives notice that – if pushed – he will stand by his principles and wash his hands of the Almighty.

Hence my general view that women ‘bishops’ etc. are good for us all. They underline the basic distinctions in national life and remind us what its all about and who stands for what. Occasionally, however, one thinks that it might be nice if the national hara kiri were postponed a few decades and the exploits of the Anglicans reined in in the hope of delaying  compulsory sodomy and euthanasia etc. until the next half of this century. On reflexion though I think this is a misplaced feeling. It really is kill or cure now. The sooner the swine hurtle off the cliff the faster the patient can recover and sit once more at the feet of Jesus.

Bring on the women ‘bishops’ therefore and may more Vicars have the courage of this fine gentleman to profess their creed before the world!