Someone was just lamenting to me the difficulty in keeping up with the development of gender theory and the corresponding politically correct label for the alternatively lifestyled. As the traditional catch-all of Sodomite might well get you arrested he has decided to get ahead of the game with his own term: LGBTAVMET (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, Extra-Terestrial). I can’t find a particularly good acronym. In fact there seem to be none unless you treat ET as one word and allow V to count as a U which gives you Amble Gut or Beta Glum. If you did it in Latin (which would seem more appropriate if V is to be U) you can get Lugebam which seems appropriate, but you have to leave out the Transgendered which would never do. You could have Lugebat which would leave out those drawn to inanimate objects. These may be a smaller group (I hesitate to speculate) but that might make it worse rather than better. It’s a tightrope.