The article appeared yesterday. They must think ‘Gay marriage’ is in the bag to risk this one. The liberals have been soft peddling on the promotion of child molestation since they pushed a bit to far in the late seventies. This shows how desperate is the struggle against Cameron’s abomination. ‘Gay marriage’ is the ultimate totalitarian act, a solemn assertion that “each man exists only by the State and for the State –  All that he rightly possesses derives exclusively from a concession from the State.” The man who once said that “there is such a thing as society it’s just not the same thing as the state” has dropped the mask. If Parliament can redraw the constitution of the fundamental unit of society then society is a creation of parliament and it is open season on children. For Cameron there is no such thing as society only the state and the market.  Here are some weapons in the last stand against the de-recognition of marriage.