The Pill is demanding the burial of Richard III in a Catholic Church. Hmmmm….. I suppose he is a Catholic but I am sure the ‘C’ of E in the form of Leicester ‘Cathedral’ will maintain their spurious claim to be the Ecclesia Anglicana and demand his body (and the attendant tourist revenues). Personally I think he is overwhelmingly likely to be guilty so I am not enthused about the idea of drawing attention to his alleged Catholic credentials. He had the motive, he had the opportunity and they disappeared on his watch. Who was the last mediaeval king you remember who deposed someone and then didn’t kill them when they had the opportunity? He also seems to have been accused of killing them and didn’t produce them to show them were alive or deny that they were dead (according to Holinshed in 1577 not very near the events admitedly). I can’t understand why the Richard III Society thinks that the discovery of his body makes it any less likely that he is innocent. In fact, the proof it affords that he was deformed increases the credibility of St Thomas More’s account.