Compared to the other moral disasters of the last fifty years, there is something qualitatively different about ‘Gay Marriage’. If this Bill receives Royal Ascent then the nature of the State in this country will change. It is well to recall the doctrine of Leo XIII in Rerum Novarum

“A family, no less than a State, is, as We have said, a true society, governed by an authority peculiar to itself, that is to say, by the authority of the father. Provided, therefore, the limits which are prescribed by the very purposes for which it exists be not transgressed, the family has at least equal rights with the State in the choice and pursuit of the things needful to its preservation and its just liberty. We say, ‘at least equal rights’; for, inasmuch as the domestic household is antecedent, as well in idea as in fact, to the gathering of men into a community, the family must necessarily have rights and duties which are prior to those of the community, and founded more immediately in nature. If the citizens, if the families on entering into association and fellowship, were to experience hindrance in a commonwealth instead of help, and were to find their rights attacked instead of being upheld, society would rightly be an object of detestation rather than of desire.”

This Bill will effectively remove from the family the recognition of the State and constitute a claim by the State to be the author of marriage and the family. It is therefore a declaration of war against the family. Everyone belongs to a State and a family but their membership of a family is prior and therefore, in this war of the State against the family, the individual cannot be neutral. Any State which legalises ‘Gay marriage’ declares war against its own constituent parts and so dissolves itself.

What are the real consequences of this (other than making driving on the right a sin against prudence rather than justice)? I should say that it means that the Conservative, Labour, SNP, Green and Liberal parties have declared war on each one of us. Effectively it means that UKIP and the DUP are the only remaining parties (that have any chance of parliamentary representation) for which anyone should vote.