This is of course only the latest tightening of the noose. What the open-to-modernity brigade don’t get is that according to our own teaching the Canadian Supreme Court is acting rightly (as is Obama on the contraception issue) unless Homosexual acts are indeed a socially destructive plague which ought once again to be proscribed by the criminal law. The question of fact is the only important question. Religious liberty cannot be invoked to the prejudice of public order. If sodomy is not immoral, if homosexuals are a naturally occurring harmless group in society (like people of various skin pigmentations, men, women, and ethnic or linguistic minorities) then religious liberty cannot be invoked to justify the teaching that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered acts of grave depravity contrary to the natural law which under no circumstances may be approved. It is not possible to defend the immorality of sodomy without upholding the truth that it should be a criminal offence. The Church of Christ cannot live at peace with the world. It is victory or death.