“But who is this God you believe in?” asked Pope Francis confronting the evanescence of certain beliefs with the reality of a true faith: “An ‘all over the place – god, a ‘god-spray’ so to speak, who is a little bit everywhere but who no-one really knows anything about. We believe in God who is Father, who is Son, who is Holy Spirit. We believe in Persons, and when we talk to God we talk to Persons: or I speak with the Father, or I speak with the Son, or I speak with the Holy Spirit. And this is the faith.”

Vatican Radio

We do not get the full text of these weekday sermons of the Pope. I don’t know if we will eventually. Perhaps this is a good restraining of the Zenit-theology phenomenon. On the other hand I am hopelessly intrigued by the scraps that are emerging. There really does seem to be an awful lot about the primacy of grace and the necessity of explicit faith in Jesus Christ. If the Holy Father were to proclaim these doctrines at a higher level he could do enormous good for the Church. Of course, these truths have already been solemnly defined. Most clearly when the Council of Florence canonised the Athanasian Creed, but they have been denied or ignored for decades. A definitive statement concerning the necessity of explicit faith in the Trinity and the Incarnation would drive a stake through the heart of many (perhaps most) of the errors devastating the Lord’s vineyard.