I saw Miss Rose challenged in an interview once about the deception involved in her undercover work against the Culture of Death. She said that the FBI ought to be doing what she was doing,  protecting the unborn citizens of the USA, but, until they did so, she was compelled to do their work for them. I cannot see how what she does is legitimate but I see the intelligence of her answer which is essentially ‘go away and decide if you want to campaign against state counter-espionage and undercover law enforcement and when you have decided you will do that come back and challenge me. Until then step aside.’  I can’t see how to justify Special Branch and MI5 but I am not sure I am confident enough to espouse their abolition. Too few Catholics have Miss Rose’s zeal and determination. If we are to conquer again in the temporal order (before the end comes) we need laity who combine the characteristics of Lenin, Mohammed and St Francis. Lay women modelling themselves on St Joan and St Therese are a good start.