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The necessity of explicit faith in Jesus Christ for salvation is the flip side of the gratuity of salvation. The pelagianism of those who deny it is immediately exposed by their protests at the ‘injustice’ of the doctrine, at the fate of ‘righteous’ pagans. He came not for the righteous. He came for all men. To suppose one might be saved by conscience is to claim salvation as a right and to make oneself like God. It is scarcely surprising that those who adhere to this false gospel take no trouble to preach the true. There is no good news, no vital intelligence which must be transmitted to our fellows for their salvation. To evangelise is selfishly to place in jeopardy the saving ignorance of the nations. Let the watchmen be silenced and let those for whom Christ died sleep on and take their rest. One of the saddest things about the vast gadarene lapsation of the post-conciliar springtime (at least in my generation) is the way in which my contemporaries attending Catholic schools and churches believed they knew what they were abandoning. Young people who had no idea the Mass was a sacrifice or that Jesus is God or that they might be saved by faith in Him, left the Church they thought they knew. In fact they had never experienced the Mass celebrated in a Catholic rite and never heard the Gospel preached. All they heard were (not even) eloquent words of human wisdom emptying the Cross of the Christ of its power. How often I have heard those who remained ‘in’ the church for social reasons complain that before the nineteen sixties ‘no one understood the Mass’? Of course! No one understands the Mass. Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? What more terrible deception can their be than to make men believe they can plumb the depths of the riches and the wisdom and the knowledge of God? No one can believe this. In the moment the attempt is made faith is lost.