I have watched quite a few episodes of Doctor Who recently. I have missed a series and a half since the anti-Christian pro-Sodomy elements of “A Good Man Goes to War” drove me up the wall (and anyway I was too busy and I don’t have a TV). I enjoyed most of the episodes I saw but the ideology is so blatant it is unbearable. There is almost no episode which does not contain propaganda for Homosexuality. Recently, there is a strong emphasis on Gay Marriage. This is a question that is before Parliament but the BBC thinks it is entirely legitimate for them to lobby vigorously for the measure on one of their most popular programmes. The arrogance and shamelessness of this coercively funded ‘balanced’ organisation is breathtaking. A friend of mine posted a remark on Facebook a while ago about abortion. It wasn’t particularly aggressive. One of his Facebook friends who works for the BBC put a comment underneath to the effect that he was entitled to his opinions but not to express them publicly. Then he blocked him. The voice of public service broadcasting. I posted one comment disagreeing with another former employee of the corporation the other day about the dissolution of the United Kingdom. Blocked. Apparently the coverage the BBC gives to UKIP has actually fallen in recent years. This is an ideological organisation. It is not precisely a conspiracy it is more like a political party (although tighter in its philosophical unity than any large British Party even pre-New Labour). It is so confident of its position it is willing to preach and censor in a really quite blatant manner. Its employees comport themselves with the fastidiousness of clergymen. They are willing to tolerate dissent in the laity if it is never expressed. To disagree with the line of Corporation in their presence is extremely rude and in very bad taste. Insofar as they can silence such persons they will consider it their duty to do so. As Edmund Burke said of the devotees of the eighteenth century ‘Enlightenment’, “The resources of intrigue are called in to supply the defects of argument and wit. To this system of literary monopoly was joined an unremitting industry to blacken and discredit in every way, and by every means, all those who did not hold to their faction. To those who have observed the spirit of their conduct, it has long been clear that nothing was wanted but the power of carrying the intolerance of the tongue and of the pen into a persecution which would strike at property, liberty, and life.”