Kosovo, Iraq, the Arab Spring, the projected intervention in Syria, what do they all have in common? They all entail the destruction of the Christian community in the territory in question. The BBC is positively salivating at the idea of intervention in Syria. They are desperate to avoid reporting on the misery of the Copts and the Syrian Christians. In the West Christians are being arrested and having their children abducted for home schooling or expressing disapproval of Sodomy. The ‘Gay Marriage’ initiative was suddenly introduced in Britain and France and DOMA overthrown simultaneously. This looks a lot like a coordinated attack. Perhaps its just that having rendered ourselves “powerless over the reason and the will of men” Christian teaching and Christians are automatically collateral damage in all social and military conflicts. And yet, all we need to do to restore our honour is to repudiate all desire for influence and relevance and just tell the truth. The Church’s teaching has not, has never, cannot, and will never change. Faith, real faith, assent to truth received through the senses, to the truth of Jesus Christ, only faith saves. The Pelagian fable of implicit faith is a blasphemous nonsense. No one wants to hear this. That’s because it is true. It insults and belittles human effort. Yes, that’s right. Everyone wants to hear this because we all know how miserable and corrupt our efforts are. If we preach this truth, the truth we exist to preach, then they will kill us. Thank God. Scimus Christum surrexisse a mortuis vere: tu nobis, victor Rex, miserere. Amen.