Pope Francis agrees with the effect of Summorum Pontificum but he worries that the Vetus Ordo can become an ideology. That is, the Pope holds there can be a legitimate spirituality of or taste for the traditional Roman Rite but he does not accept any adherence to it which implies a rejection of what followed (or, by implication, an adherence to what followed that implies a rejection of what came before).¬†Prescinding from the merits of this view, it is clear that the most effective way His Holiness could inculcate the same opinion into the faithful attached to the Vetus Ordo would be for the Pope occasionally to celebrate the Vetus Ordo himself. This would make it clear that he sees this liturgical question as matter of taste in which no absolute adherence or rejection has a place either way. Furthermore, as it is something Benedict XVI was never able to bring himself to do himself in public it would seriously outflank the present Holy Father’s critics. He could quite openly state that he prefers the Mass of Paul VI but that there is nothing wrong with a preference for the older form and so nothing wrong with saying it. Embrace the leper, Francis (you may even find sweetness in it)!