This is wonderful news. What is crucial is not to get into the mentality of ‘gay marriage is still illegal in Croatia’. He who makes no progress looses ground. The BBC report reassures the [un]faithful, remarking “Correspondents say attitudes towards gay rights in Croatia – which joined the European Union in July – are slowly changing.” ‘Progressives’ need to believe that history marches inevitably in their direction. That is why they call themselves ‘progressives’. They find nothing so disconcerting as a vigorous and well directed charge towards a completely different future.  We need to present and propound a radical alternative: the full and rigorous restoration of the natural law and so of Christendom. The family cannot just be defended it must conquer. Leviathan cannot be tamed it must be slain. Preventing Gay marriage is not enough, the re-criminalization of sodomy must be the goal.