10_12_26_Burke_02A day with Mary is something I’ve been meaning to attend for a while. It’s a day of eucharistic adoration and devotion to Our Lady run by the Franciscan friars of the Immaculate.

Recently there has been an investigation into the order, because of discontent on the part of some of the friars regarding the use of the extraordinary form of the mass. The first we heard was that the Pope had ordered that only the novus ordo mass should be said.  Then their founder was removed. Now apparently, the seminary has been closed, the activities of the friars’ lay movement has been suspended. Ordinations of new priests has been stopped for a year and members must swear an oath agreeing that the modern Roman rite is an “authentic expression of the liturgical tradition of the Church.”  

Wow. For an order which has never contradicted the Church on faith or morals, this is really quite astounding.

Please pray for the Franciscans of the Immaculate.

On a related note, Cardinal Burke has also been sacked from the congregation of Bishops – Vincent Nichols has been appointed.

Kyrie Eleison.