Twenty years or so ago there was a motion sent around Oxford College JCRs by ‘Queer Soc’. It expressed support for ‘Queer Week’ and pledged £50 to the cause. I witnessed one JCR meeting where this motion was raised. The treasurer managed to get the money and the support converted into separate motions. The money was not pledged. the ‘LBGT’ representative was very upset. When the support motion was raised a former JCR President asked about one event which seemed to be promoting sexual relations between adults and children. The ‘LGBT’ representative became hysterical at this and accused the former president of all sorts of wicked ‘prejudice’. The former president was intimidated into silence and the motion passed. A few days later it emerged that at another College the same motion had been about to be carried by acclaim when the Islamic representative protested that the students were only supporting it because they were scared. The ‘LGBT’ rep angrily denounced this ‘calumny’. The Islamic rep suggested that, if he was so sure, he would second the motion to have the vote by secret ballot. The ‘LGBT’ rep having been outmanoeuvred, the proposal of a secret ballot was carried and the ‘Queer Soc’ motion was then overwhelmingly defeated. All hell broke loose about this and the Students’ Union sent re-education teams to the College. The motion of support and funding was later carried in a second ballot.

I noticed the other day that someone, who I know expresses vociferous opposition to these cultural trends in private, had expressed enthusiastic congratulation on the occasion of a Lesbian ‘Marriage’ on Facebook. One of the ‘Catholic Voices’ was recently denouncing some local Conservative Association for possibly deselecting its MP who had ‘come-out’. I am not sure why it is wrong to de-select one’s parliamentary candidate for gross public immorality. I struggle to see why someone who thought it was should be described as a ‘Catholic Voice’.

I was having lunch with two ladies recently one French and raised before the war and the other English. They were discussing homosexual adoption. Neither attends church of any kind. The English lady had had professional involvement in such matters before retirement. She strongly suspected that one or two of the people she worked with had quietly been less than cooperative in regard to homosexual fostering and adoption (at some risk to themselves). She strongly sympathised in regard to male homosexuals whose lifestyles and predatory interest in adolescents seemed (to her) to preclude such responsibilities. She admitted she would never have been able to express such views. She thought such dangers did not exist in regard to female homosexuals. I cited various cases in the press of the adopted children of Lesbians suffering ‘gender identity problems’. The English lady said that this was anecdotal. I asked if she thought it was appropriate in itself to place young and adolescent children in a situation were disordered and inherently sterile sexual relations were presented as normative.

The older French lady had been silent up to this point but she then said she could not but agree with my objections. That she did not want to see ‘discrimination’ but that homosexuals were ‘accidents of birth’ and should not be set up as role models for young children. I suggested that the concept of ‘discrimination’ is incoherent and used as a method of thought control. This can be seen by simply removing from any sentence the words ‘discriminate’ and ‘discrimination’ and replacing them with the words ‘distinguish’ and ‘distinction’ and then asking oneself if it made any sense. For example ‘distinction makes me sick’ or ‘the sort of people who distinguish should have no place in a civilized society’ etc. There is no meaningful parallel to be made between being female or having large amounts of melanin in one’s skin and an attraction to persons of the same sex. It is sensible for people who are female to use different toilets to men. It is sensible for people with large amounts of melanin in their skin to spend less money on suntan cream. It is sensible for people who are openly attracted to persons of the same sex not to be presented as role models to adolescent and younger children. What is problematic is unjust and irrational discrimination. It would be wrong to for people who are female not to be presented as role models to adolescent and younger children. It would be wrong or people with large amounts of melanin in their skin to use different toilets. It would be irrational for people who are openly attracted to persons of the same sex to spend less money on suntan cream.

The English lady opined that some homosexuals may be ‘accidents of nature’, as the French lady had said, but that many, even most, nowadays had been drawn to the lifestyle because it is fashionable. I asked them if they had noticed that people are terrified of expressing opinions of this nature and would hush their voices and look around them when they were raised however much they agreed with them. They conceded that they felt slightly threatened and were disturbed by the closure of the Catholic adoption agencies. They wondered about the Labour Party’s new plans to have MOTs for teachers and the ideological purposes to which it would inevitably be turned. (It is not only Labour of course, I recall Mr Cameron promising an inquiry into schools which fail to promote homosexuality). The French Lady sang for us one of the songs they had to sing in French schools when she was a child celebrating the exclusion of the Church from public education.

Honneur et gloire à l’Ecole Laïque,
Où nous avons appris à penser librement,
A défendre à chérir la grande République
Que nos pères jadis ont faite en combattant.
Elle nous enseigna des jours fameux l’histoire
En formant notre esprit, elle éleva nos coeurs,
Faisant revivre en nous l’éternelle mémoire
Des héros, des martyrs, des émancipateurs.

Le temps n’est plus où tout un peuple esclave,
Connaissant ses devoirs, mais ignorant ses droits,
Se courbait frémissant, sous le joug qui déprave
Et rêvait de justice, et réclamait des lois.
Tu fis notre âme, école, et notre conscience
Et nous récolterons l’abondante moisson
Qu’en nous tu fis germer, nous montrant la Science
Et le chemin du Vrai, celui de la Raison.

La nuit s’en va, le soleil qui se lève
Dissipe le brouillard, éclaire l’horizon
Réalisant enfin cet admirable rêve :
Le travail dans la Paix, le bonheur par l’union.
L’oeuvre était nécessaire, elle sera féconde
Et le noble vaisseau muni de ses agrès,
Superbe et glorieux, s’en ira par le monde
Répandre la lumière et semer le progrès.

I asked whether they thought there was any connection between the fact that we live in a society where it is dangerous not to celebrate disordered and sterile sexual relations and the fact that the proportion of the population descended from people who lived here before the nineteen sixties is declining at a rate that promises minority status and then extinction. They gloomily conceded that this was very likely. I pointed out that the sections of the population which have sustainable birth rates also (like the heroic Islamic rep) have very different views to the mainstream on homosexuality. For evil to triumph it suffices only that the good do nothing.

Blessed are the timid hearts that evil hate
that quail in its shadow, and yet shut the gate;
that seek no parley, and in guarded room,
though small and bare, upon a clumsy loom
weave tissues gilded by the far-off day
hoped and believed in under Shadow’s sway.