A ray of light in the Baden-Württemberg Bildungsplan scandal:

While parts of the Baden-Württemberg Christian Democrats have joined the massa … the majority of society, there are now some sensible voices to be heard.

The minority leader in Baden-Württemberg parliament, Peter Hauk (CDU), has said something sensible, at last, in the public debate. According to kath.net [my translation], he said in an important speech at the Landtag, that the Green politicians ‘have shown themselves quite deficient in tolerance regarding the topic of tolerance. […] Their dealing with critical voices is actually embarrassing, intolerant according to their own criteria, probably discriminating as well. […] Everyone has the right to address the German legislative with a petition, everyone. As politicians, we have no right to judge this elementary civic right in its application or, even worse, as you did it, to condemn it.’

Hauk, who studied Forestry, was Minister of Agriculture in Baden-Württemberg, at a time when this made him my oberster Dienstherr. During this time, I heard him at a number of official events, where he distinguished himself by frequently actually saying something, even criticising current policy, and, very admirably: actually being truly knowledgable regarding the agricultural matters under discussion.