No, this is not a post praising this blog – though Belloc did write a preface to ‘The Path to Rome’ called ‘Praise of this book’, which is what he claimed all prefaces are anyway.

No, this is in praise of the Council of Laodicea, which, as you know, took place some time between A.D. 343 and A.D. 381. It forbade heretics to enter churches; Catholics to marry non-Catholics; girl altar-boys; clerics to wash in a bath with women; Catholics to be blessed by heretics; marriages in Lent; drinking clubs; house Masses; and lay readers (it also forbade clerics from priests down to door-keepers  from entering a pub, but that one has lapsed owing to a contrary usage.)

Not bad for one local synod. It sound like they had taken the warning of Apoc. 3:16 to heart.