October 8th, 451, that is, at Chalcedon:-

On the entrance of the reverend Theodoret, the reverend bishops of Egypt, Illyricum and Palestine cried out, ‘Have mercy on us! The faith is destroyed. The canons cast him out. Cast out the teacher of Nestorius!’ And after the reverend bishop Theodoret had sat down in the midst, the Egyptians and the reverend bishops who were with them cried out, ‘Do not call him a bishop! He is not a bishop! Cast out the fighter against God! Cast out the Jew! Cast out the insulter of Christ! Long years to the empress! Long years to the emperor! Long years to the orthodox emperor! The canons cast out Theodoret. God has turned away from him.’

All of which is a little hard on poor Theodoret, who was basically a good egg and had long since repented of his brush with Nestorianism. If the same thing were to happen to Cardinal Kasper, on the other hand…