A rather frightening post for Catholic parents. Two young boys, 2 and 4, from a Catholic Slovak Roma family, are to placed in the custody of gay parents according to the BBC

The children have been removed from their parents by the local authority for concerns over their parenting.

The most concerning thing, is that the family’s desire for them not to be raised by a gay couple has been overruled by the courts.

Catholic parents everywhere should be frightened. Should the unexpected happen, sudden death, or otherwise, the state will do with your children as it pleases.

Make arrangements for your children – we don’t all have close families who would be willing or able to care for our children. Have a discussion now with your brothers, sisters or friends about what to do – what if something also happens to them – etc etc? Who is going to raise your children in the faith?

Put it in writing! I need to write a will!