John Lamont has just put an excellent guest post on Rorate Caeli on the nature of Neo-Modernism, its eternal enmity with Thomism and how it seized control of so many ecclesiastical structures from the thirties onward. He is particularly good on how Neo-Modernist theologians and ecclesiastics are able to play orthodox and deny the very doctrines they assert in order to preserve their position in the eyes of the faithful. I have personally had the dubious pleasure of listening to a theology lecturer performing precisely the trick Lamont describes or transforming the Adam of Trent’s definitions on Original Sin into a group of primates and then claiming to be making precisely the same assertion as Trent. The rage into which he flew when his students refused to accept this was a sight to behold. It is said that a while back some young American Dominicans bestowed upon their Master General the gift of a Reginald Garrigou Lagrange T-Shirt. Embarrassingly, he refused to wear it. Lamont has an excellent section on the reason for the visceral hatred this great twentieth century Thomist inspires in the Neo-Modernist establishment.