leviathandetailWho is right about immigration? Personally, I don’t think immigration is a problem. I think it is a red herring. The reason people come to Britain is because there are jobs and opportunities for a more prosperous life. If there were people to do these jobs here then the jobs would be taken and immigrants would not come. The reason the jobs are not taken is because either Britons do not want the jobs or because the minimum wage is not being enforced. If the minimum wage were enforced then the only reason remaining jobs would be available would be because Britons don’t want to do the jobs. Why don’t they want to do them? Either because welfare provision is generous enough to constitute a superior alternative or because there are enough (higher paid or less onerous) alternative jobs  on offer for the existing population. Why is this? Because the existing population are not having enough children. The immigration question, like many other questions in British politics is merely a side effect of the catastrophic demographic crisis consequent upon living at the geo-political epicentre of the culture of death. If Britons were not contracepting and aborting themselves out of existence then a reasonable number of immigrants would come and enrich their new homeland with their cultures and their fruitful labour with no danger of unsustainable waves of migration. Nor is welfare unconnected to this question. By itself providing  the basic material requirements normally supplied by the nuclear and extended families the welfare state has brought about a withering away of society. This in turn creates the social problems which demand the expansion of the welfare state, which in turn worsens those problems. The contraceptive culture and mentality is a consequence of a statism which has prised apart the unitive and procreative functions of marriage and the family, and turned children from a God-given blessing into the ultimate consumer items. This statism is a natural consequence of the rejection of the true religion. Man’s reason tells him to seek to honour God in the manner which He has appointed. Once he has ceased to do so, man naturally transfers his worship to the state as the next highest reality certainly knowable by human reason. The Leviathan thus created immediately seeks to destroy its principle natural rival, the family, by legalising divorce and so setting in train the process which ends in the welfare state.