I was having an interesting ginger gin and tonic thingie the other day in a bar near the Circus Maximus (as one does) when a solution for all the problems of the poor German bishops occurred to me. I would be very surprised if very many of the supporters of the plan to administer communion to adulterers are opposed to sodomariage. I suspect they pretty much all embrace the abomination of desolation with enthusiasm. Then it occurred to me that this solves the entire problem. Mormon baptisms are invalid because, even though they use the right form and matter, they mean something entirely different from the Catholic Church by the baptismal formula. It is widely held that Bishops who attempt the ordination of women demonstrate that their understanding of orders is so defective that they cannot thereafter (without public repentance and repudiation of their errors) validly ordain men. Surely therefore anyone who believes in sodomarriage is ipso facto incapable of contracting marriage.

Can. 1095 The following are incapable of contracting marriage:

2/ those who sufer from a grave defect of discretion of judgment concerning the essential matrimonial rights and duties mutually to be handed over and accepted;

Seems clear. German liberals cannot get married. None of their marriages are valid and so they do not need to worry about the ‘first marriage’. All they need to do is desist from fornication, embrace the Catholic Faith, go to confession and they can receive communion. Problem solved.