…asks Matthew Parris in a terrifying article for the Spectator. The article is billed on the website as “As a Gay Atheist, I want to see the Church oppose same-sex marriage.” He astutely points out that if the Church can in fact change its teaching to reflect social reality then it is merely an instrument of oppression.

But maybe I’m the fool, the one who’s missing something. Maybe there’s a deeper truth behind Dr Martin’s willingness to bend to prevailing mood, a flexibility that echoes Pope Francis’s openness to change. Could it be that the reason for both men’s apparent lack of embarrassment at these convenient shifts is that on some half-conscious level neither ever really believed that morality was absolute or objective anyway — or supposed we really thought they were serious?

Have some of us, in short, made the mistake of taking the church at its word? Was it always, anyway, about going with the flow? Was it always secretly about imposing the morals of the majority on the minority — so all that is necessary is to discover which way the preponderance falls?